The Bead Riveter Tool Kit includes a 2.5 in. X 2.5 in. X .75 in. steel bench block, 1 (2 piece) set of polished stainless steel precision radius dies, a 4 inch metal die handle, leather pad, instructions and a wooden storage case.  There are 4 different die sizes to choose from, all fit into the basic tool kit, one die set with included with the kit.   Additional set maybe order separately.
     Each die set has two polished stainless steel dies with precision radius that flares the rivet tubing at both ends at the same time.  One die has a smooth shaft that fits firmly into the bench block and the other die screws tightly into the metal handle that is held by hand at the top end of the bead rivet tubing.
     All die sets have the same measurements for attaching to the bench block and handle are are offered with 3/16"., 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" diameter riveting ends to fit a variety of tubing and bead hole sizes.



If you find this tool useful for other riveting applications and would like different size die sets other than what we currently offer, please contact us at                            480-297-8879